Howard Financial offers professional money management through various third party money managers, and we believe no two investors are alike. In order to help each client meet their financial goals, we use a personalized approach to investing.

Our advice and recommendations are tailored to our clients’ investment goals, desired return objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, and income needs. Our investment strategies are designed based on your investment goals.


One of our strategic alliances is with Gradient Investments, LLC (GI). GI is a SEC registered investment advisor firm offering clients over twenty proprietary portfolios. The portfolios are managed by their Chief Investment Officer, Wayne Schmidt CFA®, MBA and Senior Portfolio Manager, Michael Binger, CFA®.

Schmidt and Binger are regular contributors to CNBC, Fox Business, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and many other national publications. Schmidt has been quoted on the subject of the global economy in numerous nationally and internationally recognized investment publications such as Bloomberg, Reuters, and The Los Angeles Times. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst® and a member of The Chartered Financial Analyst Institute and the Twin Cities Society of Security Analysts.

Schmidt and Binger each boast over 20 years of institutional investment experience. During his tenure at AXA Investment Managers, Schmidt served as senior portfolio manager for the U.S. Investment Grade Fixed Income Team. As the lead portfolio manager, he managed $9.5 billion of fixed income assets with a variety of mandates ranging from aggregate, corporate and government bond portfolios. Binger spent more than 20 years at Thrivent Financial where he managed numerous equity funds through various economic cycles.

Gradient’s investment selection process within its proprietary model portfolios is client focused. They build a portfolio tailored to investors’ unique objectives, risk tolerances and time horizons. Watch the videos to learn more about their proprietary model portfolios.


We work with Wealth TEAMS Solutions (Tax Efficient Asset Management Solution, Inc.), a California State registered investment advisor that exclusively uses Dimensional Fund Advisor portfolios. Wealth TEAMS includes a group of dedicated professionals helping clients accumulate capital for retirement using the most recent research and data. Once a client reaches retirement, Wealth TEAMS Solutions prepares a distribution plan designed to last throughout retirement. They have access to the most recent research and strategies used to provide a “Paycheck for Life,” regardless of economic conditions.

Over his career, Wealth TEAMS founder and owner, Guy Baker, saw families and business owners lose money using big name, investment advisors. When he discovered Modern Portfolio Theory built around the 1990 Nobel Prize winning research and data, he formed his first advisory firm, Baker Jensen Investment Advisors. His decision proved to be very beneficial to clients, resulting in consistent, long term returns and reducing volatility in turbulent markets for his investment clients.